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Notifee API releases


  • [iOS]: Add support for iOS onBackgroundEvent.
  • [iOS]: Pool JS events until RN Bridge is ready.
  • [Android]: Allow multiple onBackgroundEvent observers when inside a foreground service task.



  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue where notifications would sometimes not appear in the foreground.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where the Headless task key was incorrect for the foreground service task.update



  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with Android proguard rules that may have prevented the library from being used when minified.


  • [Android]: notifee.config.json now supports specifying options for build flavours & types.
  • [TypeScript]: Reworked type definitions to fix minor definition issues.
  • BREAKING: Importance has now been renamed to AndroidImportance and is no longer supported on iOS (replaced with foregroundPresentationOptions).
  • [iOS]: Implemented support for ios.foregroundPresentationOptions to control foreground notification behaviour on iOS
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where creating multiple channel or channelGroups would fail to create.
  • [Android]: requestPermission now correctly resolves a dummy instance of IOSNotificationSettings (previously null on Android) for cross-platform compatibility.
  • [Android]: largeIcon & picture (from big picture style) now supports React Native asset loading, e.g. largeIcon: require('./image.png').

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