Notifee API releases


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with jwt gradle build dependency.


  • [Android]: Implemented support for notifee.hideNotificationDrawer (Feature enhancement #200).


  • [Android]: Added support for fullScreenAction on NotificationAndroid (Feature enhancement #45).


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where sometimes the app would throw an exception when the user changes the notification blocked state for either a channel or the entire application (Fixes #237).


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where sometimes the foreground service failed to stop when calling resolve due to an issue with hot reloading. It can be stopped by notifee.stopForegroundService(). To learn more, view the Foreground Service documentation.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with Notifee's build script where sometimes an error would occur that the target variant task already existed.


  • [iOS]: Includes a Notification Service Extension Helper to take advantage of Notifee with remote notifications. To learn more, view the Remote Notification Support documentation.


  • [iOS]: Enforce v1.10+ of CocoaPods (Fixes #230).


  • [Android]: Includes a solution to fix an error due to a potential race condition that occurs when the user changes the notification blocked state for either a channel or the entire application (Fixes #237).


  • [Android]: Implemented support for circularLargeIcon on NotificationAndroid (Feature enhancement #199).
  • [iOS]: Prevent badge count from clearing notifications from the tray when it reaches 0 (Fixes #214).


  • NOTE: Version bump.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with license validation on Android 6 (Fixes #87)
  • [iOS]: Added support for Apple Silicon (arm64) and Mac Catalyst builds (Fixes #162, #215)


  • [Android]: Added additional logs to help with debugging license validation issues.
  • [Android/iOS]: Fixed an issue where sometimes the NotifeeApiModule would fail to resolve this.native due to the context changing.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where sometimes the largeIcon wouldn't show when the app is closed.
  • [Android/iOS]: Fixed an issue to show a more descriptive warning if the background event handler isn't set via onBackgroundEvent.


  • [Android]: Implemented additional support to help with background restrictions on Android, includes two new methods getPowerManagerInfo and openPowerManagerSettings.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with subtitle where the default value was causing two dots on some devices.
  • [Android/iOS]: Added support to cancel either a displayed or a trigger notification.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where isBatteryOptimizationEnabled was returning the result as an object instead of a boolean.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where openBatteryOptimizationSettings was sometimes throwing an exception for Samsung and Oppo phones on Android versions 6.0.
  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue when a notification is pressed while the app is in the background on iOS 14, which sometimes would cause the app to crash.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where trigger notifications created with v0.12.x and below would cause the app to crash when upgrading to v0.13.x.


  • [iOS]: Added support to handle remote urls for Attachments.
  • [iOS]: Added iOS support for repeatFrequency on TimestampTrigger. See Triggers.


  • [Android]: Added support for repeatFrequency on TimestampTrigger to be able to create hourly, daily or weekly trigger notifications. See Triggers.
  • [Android]: Implemented support to help with background restrictions on Android, includes two methods isBatteryOptimizationEnabled and openBatteryOptimizationSettings. See Background Restrictions.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue when creating a trigger notification, where sometimes the input data would reach the maximum number of bytes allowed.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where pressAction with the default id failed to open the app when the notification was pressed.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with gradle plugin 4.1 and Build.VERSION_NAME which prevented the app from building.


  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue where the DELIVERED foreground event wasn't being sent for trigger notifications.
  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue with the iOS module that sent events before the JS bundle was ready.


  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue with the iOS module that prevented the library from compiling.


  • [Android]: lightColor and sound are now returned when calling getChannel or getChannels.
  • BREAKING: TimeTrigger has been removed, in favour of TimestampTrigger and IntervalTrigger.
  • [iOS]: Trigger Notifications are now supported on iOS. See Triggers.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with cancelNotification for trigger notifications.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with remote verification on devices <= 20
  • [iOS]: Call original delegate when intercepting notification response on iOS


  • [Android]: Add support for Trigger Notifications on Android. See Triggers.
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with getChannels and getChannelGroups where the methods were throwing an error
  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue with iOS 14 where sometimes the app would freeze briefly when receiving an push notification


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with sounds for Android versions < 8.0 (API level 26)
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with notifee.config.json where sometimes the script could not find the 'app' gradle project automatically.


  • [iOS]: Add support for iOS onBackgroundEvent.
  • [iOS]: Pool JS events until RN Bridge is ready.
  • [Android]: Allow multiple onBackgroundEvent observers when inside a foreground service task.



  • [iOS]: Fixed an issue where notifications would sometimes not appear in the foreground.


  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where the Headless task key was incorrect for the foreground service task.update



  • [Android]: Fixed an issue with Android proguard rules that may have prevented the library from being used when minified.


  • [Android]: notifee.config.json now supports specifying options for build flavours & types.
  • [TypeScript]: Reworked type definitions to fix minor definition issues.
  • BREAKING: Importance has now been renamed to AndroidImportance and is no longer supported on iOS (replaced with foregroundPresentationOptions).
  • [iOS]: Implemented support for ios.foregroundPresentationOptions to control foreground notification behaviour on iOS
  • [Android]: Fixed an issue where creating multiple channel or channelGroups would fail to create.
  • [Android]: requestPermission now correctly resolves a dummy instance of IOSNotificationSettings (previously null on Android) for cross-platform compatibility.
  • [Android]: largeIcon & picture (from big picture style) now supports React Native asset loading, e.g. largeIcon: require('./image.png').

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