📢   Notifee is now free and fully open-source.

A feature rich notifications library for React Native

Bring the power of Notifee to your app

Notifee enables developers to rapidly build rich notifications with a simple API interface, whilst taking care of complex problems such as scheduling, background tasks, device API compatibility & more.

Channel & Category Management
Manage the applications channels (Android) and categories (iOS), allowing you to customise how notifications behave when they are displayed on the device.
Quick Actions
Present & handle quick actions alongside your notification content. Actions can be handled in the background or foreground with JavaScript code!
Styled Notifications
Notifee supports many notification styles such as Big Text, Big Picture, Inbox & Messaging on Android and attachments & custom summary text on iOS.
Trigger Notifications
Trigger your notifications to display at certain point in the future, or set up repeating triggers to alert your users regularly!
Remote & Local Image Support
Notifications support displaying remote images and local with support for requiring React Native image assets.
Notification Events
Hook into events for such as actions, input, notification displayed or dismissed when your application is in the background or foreground.
Service Notifications
Leverage React Native headless tasks to launch foreground service notifications, e.g. music playback, navigation, progress indicators and more.

Create engaging notifications
for your users

Notifee provides a powerful JavaScript API for managing and displaying local notifications in your React Native application for both Android & iOS. Whether you are building the next chat service, an e-commerce store or any app, with Notifee you can present rich custom notifications using the underlying native Android & iOS APIs.