Remote Notification support

Utilise the power of Notifee with remote notifications.

It's possible to display a notification with Notifee features from outside the app using remote notifications (a.k.a push notifications).

By adding a custom key notifee_options in the message payload, the notification will be modified by Notifee before it is finally displayed to the end user.

To get started, you will need to implement a Notification Service Extension for your iOS app, the following steps will guide you through how to set it up.

Add the notification service extension

  • From Xcode top menu go to: File > New > Target...
  • A modal will present a list of possible targets, scroll down or use the filter to select Notification Service Extension. Press Next.
  • Add a product name (use NotifeeNotificationService to follow along) and click Finish

Add target to the Podfile

Ensure that your new extension has access to NotifeeExtensionHelper by adding it in the Podfile:

  • From the Navigator open the Podfile: Pods > Podfile
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the file and add
$NotifeeExtension = true

target 'NotifeeNotificationService' do
  pod 'RNNotifeeCore', :path => '../node_modules/@notifee/react-native/RNNotifeeCore.podspec'

  • Install or update your pods using pod install from the ios folder

pod install --repo-update

Use the extension helper

At this point everything should still be running normally. This is the final step which is invoking the extension helper.

  • From the navigator select your extension
  • Open the NotificationService.m file
  • At the top of the file import NotifeeExtensionHelper.h right after the NotificationService.h as shown below
#import "NotificationService.h"
+ #import "NotifeeExtensionHelper.h"
  • then replace everything from line 25 to 28 with the extension helper
- // Modify the notification content here...
- self.bestAttemptContent.title = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ [modified]", self.bestAttemptContent.title];
- self.contentHandler(self.bestAttemptContent);
+ [NotifeeExtensionHelper populateNotificationContent:self.bestAttemptContent withContentHandler:contentHandler];

Before, moving to the next step, run the app and check it builds successfully – make sure you have the correct target selected.

Edit the payload

Now everything is setup in your app, you can alter your notification payload to include notifee_options:

// FCM
    notification: {
      title: 'A notification title!',
      body: 'A notification body',
    apns: {
        payload: {
            aps: {
                'content-available': 1, // Important, to receive `onMessage` event in the foreground when message is incoming
                'mutable-content': 1, // Important, without this the extension won't fire
            notifee_options: {
                image: '', // URL to pointing to a remote image
                ios: {
                    sound: 'media/kick.wav', // A local sound file you have inside your app's bundle
                    categoryId: 'post', // A category that's already been created by your app
                    ... // any other api properties for NotificationIOS

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