Customising the appearance of your iOS notifications with Notifee.


Using the attachments property on a notification, you can attach a media file which can be viewed when the user expands the notification or as a thumbnail on the notification itself.

iOS Attachments Example

When a notification is collapsed, a thumbnail will be shown in the notification, unless thumbnailHidden is set to true.

Only a single media file can be shown on the notification, if you provide many then the first attachment that can be successfully resolved will be displayed.

To add attachments, provide an attachments array to the ios object:

import notifee from '@notifee/react-native';

  title: 'Media uploaded',
  body: 'Your media has been successfully uploaded',
  ios: {
    attachments: [
        // iOS resource
        url: 'local-image.png',
        thumbnailHidden: true,
        // Local file path.
        url: '/Path/on/device/to/local/file.mp4',
        thumbnailTime: 3, // optional
        // React Native asset.
        url: require('./assets/my-image.gif'),

Audio, image and video files are supported.

See IOSNotificationAttachment for all available attachment options.

Foreground Notifications

By default, Notifee will show iOS notifications in heads-up mode if your app is currently in the foreground.

This behaviour can be customised using the IOSForegroundPresentationOptions options:

import notifee from '@notifee/react-native';

await notifee.displayNotification({
  title: 'Your account requires attention',
  body: 'You are overdue payment on one or more of your accounts!',
  ios: {
    foregroundPresentationOptions: {
      alert: true,
      badge: true,
      sound: true,

Summary text

After a number of unread notifications have been delivered to the device, iOS will begin to stack (or group) notifications for your application. The notification on the top of the stack by default will display the summary text, letting the user know how many unread notifications are available:

Default Summary Text Example

It is possible to override this default text by providing summaryArgument & summaryArgumentCount fields on the notification body combined with a Category summaryFormat.

To learn more, view the Category Summary Text documentation.

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