Android Notifications

Android platform provides an expansive feature set for notifications. Learn about the differences, compatibility and support.

The Android API allows for creating rich, styled and highly interactive notifications. Notifications are an important concept on Android, and frequently receive new updates with each new API version.

Notifee has been designed to integrate with the latest API features, and also provide backwards compatibility for older Android devices (Android 4.1 (API 16)).

Android Features

The table below summarizes the various topics to read about to customize your notifications:

AppearanceChange the appearance of a notification; icons, colors, visibility, etc.
BehaviourCustomize how a notification behaves when it is delivered to a device; sound, vibration, lights, etc.
Channels & GroupsOrganize your notifications into channels & groups to allow users to control how notifications are handled on their device.
Foreground ServiceLong running background tasks can take advantage of Android Foreground Services to display an on-going, prominent notification.
Grouping & SortingGroup and sort related notifications in a single notification pane.
InteractionAllow users to interact with your application directly from the notification with actions.
Progress IndicatorsShow users a progress indicator of an on-going background task, and learn how to keep it updated.
StylesStyle notifications to show richer content, such as expandable images/text, or message conversations.
TimersDisplay counting timers on your notification, useful for on-going tasks such as a phone call, or event time remaining.

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