Interface for building a local notification for both Android & iOS devices.

To learn more about displaying a notification, view the Displaying a Notification documentation.



Android Only

Android specific notification options. See the NotificationAndroid interface for more information and default options which are applied to a notification.

android?: NotificationAndroid;


The main body content of a notification.

body?: undefined | string;


Additional data to store on the notification. Only string values can be stored.

data?: undefined | { [key: string]: string };

Data can be used to provide additional context to your notification which can be retrieved at a later point in time (e.g. via an event).


A unique identifier for your notification.

id?: undefined | string;

Notifications with the same ID will be created as the same instance, allowing you to update a notification which already exists on the device.

Defaults to a random string if not provided.


iOS Only

iOS specific notification options. See the NotificationIOS interface for more information and default options which are applied to a notification.

ios?: NotificationIOS;


The notification subtitle, which appears on a new line below/next the title.

subtitle?: undefined | string;


The notification title which appears above the body text.

title?: undefined | string;

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