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Android Only

An interface which describes a channel group which has been fetched from the device.

Contains additional information which is only available when fetching the channel group from the device.



Android Only

Returns whether or not notifications posted to a Channel belonging to this group are blocked by the user.

blocked: boolean;

On API levels < 28, returns false.

View the Listening to channel events documentation to learn more about subscribing to when a channel is blocked by the user.


Returns a list of channels assigned to this channel group.

channels: NativeAndroidChannel[];


Android Only

An optional description of the group. This is visible to the user.

description?: undefined | string;

On Android APIs less than 28 this will always be undefined.


Unique id for this channel group.

id: string;


The name of the group. This is visible to the user so should be a descriptive name which categorizes other channels (e.g. reminders).

name: string;

The recommended maximum length is 40 characters; the value may be truncated if it is too long.

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