Android Only

The interface used to describe a person shown in notifications.

Currently used with AndroidMessagingStyle notifications.



If true this person represents a machine rather than a human. This is used primarily for testing and automated tooling.

bot?: undefined | false | true;

Defaults to false.


The icon to display next to the person in the notification. The icon can be URL or local Android resource.

icon?: undefined | string;

If not provided, an icon will be automatically creating using the name property.


An optional unique ID of the person. Setting this property is preferred for unique identification, however not required. If no value is provided, the name will be used instead..

id?: undefined | string;


If true this person will be marked as important.

important?: undefined | false | true;

Important users are those who frequently contact the receiving person. If the app is in "Do not disturb" mode, a notification containing an important person may override this mode if the person has been whitelisted on the device.

Defaults to false.


The name of the person.

name: string;

If no id is provided, the name will be used as the unique identifier.


URI contact of the person.

uri?: undefined | string;

The URI can be any of the following:

  • The representation of a contact URI, e.g. android.provider.ContactsContract.Contacts#CONTENT_LOOKUP_URI
  • A mailto: string
  • A tel: string

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