Android Only

The interface used to enable advanced user input on a notification.

View the Action Input documentation to learn more.



Sets whether the user can freely enter text into the input.

allowFreeFormInput?: undefined | false | true;

This value changes the behaviour of the notification:

  • If true, when an action is pressed this allows the user to type free form text into the input area.
  • If false, you must provide an array of choices the user is allowed to use as the input.

Defaults to true.


Sets whether generated replies can be added to the action.

allowGeneratedReplies?: undefined | false | true;

Generated replies will only be shown if the input has choices and whether the device is able to generate replies.

Defaults to true.


An array of pre-defined input choices the user can select.

choices?: string[];

If allowFreeFormInput is false, this property must contain at least one choice.


If true, the user will be able to edit the selected choice before sending the action event, however allowFreeFormInput must also be true.

editableChoices?: undefined | false | true;

By default, the platform will decide whether choices can be editable. To explicitly enable or disable this, provide true or false.


The placeholder text to display inside of the user input area.

placeholder?: undefined | string;

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