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Android Only

The interface used to describe a notification quick action.

Notification actions allow users to interact with notifications, allowing you to handle events within your application. When an action completes (e.g. pressing an action, or filling out an input box) and event is sent.

View the Quick Actions documentation to learn more.



An remote http or local icon path representing the action. Newer devices may not show the icon.

icon?: undefined | string;

Recommended icon size is 24x24 px.


If provided, the action accepts user input.

input?: true | AndroidInput;

If true, the user will be able to provide free text input when the action is pressed. This property can be further configured for advanced inputs.

View the Action input documentation to learn more.


The press action interface describing what happens when an action completes.

pressAction: NotificationPressAction;

Note; unlike the pressAction in the notification body, an action does not need to open the application and can perform background tasks. See the AndroidPressAction reference or Quick Actions documentation to learn more.


The title of the notification, e.g. "Reply", "Mark as read" etc.

title: string;

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