Frequently Asked Questions


What is Notifee?

Notifee is a library which brings the power of native notifications to React Native. It is free to use whilst in development, however requires a paid license to use in a production.

The library integrates with the latest native Android & iOS SDKs to provide rich notification features in a single, easy to use JavaScript API.

The library is a successor to the notifications module on React Native Firebase v5.

Who is the library built by?

Notifee is built & maintained by Invertase. Please see our website or GitHub organisation for more information.

Is Notifee an Open Source Product?

Yes & no.

The React Native part of Notifee is FOSS and available on GitHub. This includes the JavaScript (TypeScript) interface & basic native bridge implementation. This Open Source code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The core Notifee product however is not open source and is subject to the terms of the license.

The native Android & iOS code implementing the main library functionality is bundled and is not open source.

Can I use Notifee for free?

Notifee is free to use in development, and allows you to 'try before you buy'. We also offer free production licenses to core contributors of our Open Source products such as React Native Firebase and free licenses to fully open-source apps or non-profit organisations. To receive a free license, please contact us.


Why does Notifee require a paid license?

Building a library of this size and complexity is a very time consuming task. The native notification SDKs are large and complex and provide functionality which is critical to success of many apps. Alongside this functionality, providing in-depth documentation is also an extremely time consuming task.

Without a paid aspect to the library, sustainability of the library would not be feasible. Purchasing a license helps ensure we can commit to on-going updates & support.

What payment methods do you support?

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller & Merchant of Record, who also handle all customer service inquiries and returns. Paddle currently accepts Card, Apple Pay and PayPal payments.

How are license keys validated?

License keys are validated using your application build ID (Android) or bundle ID (iOS). When purchasing a license, keys can be generated by entering the ID of the app you wish to use the license with.

Using primary & secondary licenses?

Notifee provides the ability to create multiple license keys, called primary & secondary keys. Many apps build variants of their main production app (e.g. testing or staging); a secondary key allows you to use Notifee on these app variants, outside of production usage.

Secondary keys are subject to more frequent validation checks, and if used on a full production app the key may stop working.