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The interface used to describe a press action for a notification.

There are various ways a user can interact with a notification, the most common being pressing the notification, pressing an action or providing text input. This interface defines what happens when a user performs such interaction.

On Android; when provided to a notification action, the action will only open you application if a launchActivity and/or a mainComponent is provided.



The unique ID for the action.

id: string;

The id property is used to differentiate between user press actions. When listening to notification events, the ID can be read from the event.detail.pressAction object.


Android Only

The custom Android Activity to launch on a press action.

launchActivity?: undefined | string;

This property can be used in advanced scenarios to launch a custom Android Activity when the user performs a press action.

View the Android Interaction docs to learn more.


Android Only

Custom flags that are added to the Android Intent that launches your Activity.

launchActivityFlags?: AndroidLaunchActivityFlag[];

These are only required if you need to customise the behaviour of how your activities are launched; by default these are not required.


Android Only

A custom registered React component to launch on press action.

mainComponent?: undefined | string;

This property can be used to open a custom React component when the user performs a press action. For this to correctly function on Android, a minor native code change is required.

View the Press Action document to learn more.

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