License Keys

Release builds require a valid license key, learn how to add yours to the project.

Notifee is a licensed product and requires a valid license key to work when your application has been built in release mode.

If an invalid license key is provided, your application will still continue to work as normal. However, all features provided by notifee will not work.

Notifee will deem a license key to be invalid under the following scenarios:

  • No key is provided in the notifee.config.json file (see below).
  • [Android] The Application ID does not match the provided ID when generating the key.
  • The key is no longer valid (e.g. key has been removed via the dashboard).

Creating a key

To create a key, you need to have purchased a license or be assigned to a team with a license.

Once a license has been purchased, navigate to the license page on your account dashboard. Here, you are able to create two types of keys; Primary & Secondary. Choose the key type you wish to use with your application:

Key Type
Primary KeysUsed on production release build applications.
Secondary KeysUsed on release build applications which are not intended for production use, for example, staging or testing applications.

Secondary keys are subject to more frequent checks on their validation. They are designed for non-production applications only and may unexpectedly be invalidated if used on high traffic applications.

Using a key

To use a license key with your application, first create a file called notifee.config.json in the root of your project.

Copy and add the key to this file, for example:

  "android": {
    "license": "XXXX.YYYY.ZZZZ"

Now rebuild your project, the key will be validated when the application is launched:

# For Android
npx react-native run-android

Supporting Multiple Environments

If you have multiple license keys, one per product flavor and/or build type, you can structure your notifee.config.json like below:

  "android": {
    "debug": {
      "license": "debug.license"
    "staging": {
       "license": "staging.license"
     "production": {
       "license": "production.license"
    "full": {
      "debug": {
        "license": "full.debug.license"
      "license": "full.license"
    "license": "android.license"

If a license key isn't found for a product flavor or build type, it will fallback to the license key in the next level up. For example, a full debug build will fallback to full.license if full.debug.license wasn't specified. If there was no license specified for full.license, it will fallback to android.license.


Notifee will output logs during the license verification process to help determine if your config is setup correctly and if your license is valid.

A positive debug message is printed if the verification is successful, or an error message will be printed if unsuccessful.

Example log output when license verification succeeds:

D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification started.
D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification succeeded for your application with package name and license key ending in ATnPwEZoN2

Example log output when license verification fails:

  • notifee.config.json missing:
D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification started.
E/NOTIFEE: (License): No license was found. Please ensure you have a created a 'notifee.config.json' file at the root of your project with a valid license key.
  • License key is invalid:
D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification started.
E/NOTIFEE: (License): Your license key ending in ATnPwEZoWe is invalid. Please ensure you have a valid license key.
  • License key is for the wrong application:
D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification started.
E/NOTIFEE: (License): Your license key ending in ATnPwEZoWe is not for this application, expected application to be but found
  • License key is for the wrong platform:
D/NOTIFEE: (License): Local verification started.
E/NOTIFEE: (License): Your license key ending in ATnPwEZoP1 is not for this platform (Android):

Helpful Debugging Commands:

  • To turn on Android debug logs during release mode:

adb shell setprop log.tag.NOTIFEE DEBUG

  • To quickly view Android logs in the terminal:

adb logcat '*:S' NOTIFEE:D

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